Intro Final Portfolio

27 05 2011

Hello, I am Dawn Greer and this is my final portfolio. This was somewhat difficult for me, because most if the time when I do graphic design I don’t have rubrics. I just go with what I think looks good. Now that I have rubrics I need to follow and I’m getting a grade for it its a little more difficult for me. But, I bared through it. That would probably be the challenge in doing these assignments, following rubrics. In most of these designs i used photoshop and illustrator, I don’t like indesign but, we had to used it a couple times to turn in. Before I came to this  class  I didn’t know how to use any of the software properly i knew how to do the basics, make a circle, a square, and so on.  Now i know how to do much more.



23 05 2011


By: Oscar Wilde


By: Ramin Hossaini

Tastes Like Chicken

Tastes like chicken

By: Cayusa

The AIGA is a professional association for design. It advances designing as a professional craft. In the article i read the author of it was basically preparing people that wanted to go into designing for what’s going to happened. He say three main parts. One, “Live in the moment…Ok now you live in this moment.” Two, “You’ll never get anywhere in life going step by step. You have to run people down.” Three, Go out into the world and write about what scares you most, even if its still yourself.”

Logos-assignment 8

29 04 2011

Combination mark

22 04 2011

Pirates of Sillicon Valley

15 04 2011

Rating: 4

The movie was basically about how the many different computers and types of computer started and who started them and produced the ideas for the computers. Steve job was a very harsh man that kept apples sales going up throughout the movie, but many people didn’t like his strategy. In my eyes Steve Jobs was somewhat of a hypocrite because he stated that company’s steal from other company’s, but when bill stole his ideas or software he had a problem with it. The people  in this movie had dreams of developing a new computer and selling it for lots of money and  thats what they ended up doing.

The movie was a good movie. It show how everything started and what they had to go through to get things started. Steve jobs was a “donkey” for most of the movie, keeping people up all night to work on his computers and when they had fallen asleep he would shut off their computers and make them start all over. Many people began to hate Steve Jobs. He wasn’t even there for his daughter and wife/girlfriend. Bill gates was like Steve Jobs in that he came up with ideas, but wasn’t as vicious or demanding as Steve Jobs was. Now thinking back at the movie i don’t remember much about the other people. I remember what they looked like, but i dont recall their names. They wanted to fulfill their dream and they did.

The History Of The Computer

12 04 2011

  • The Univac computer

  • Thee IBM701

  • The Scelbi mark-8
  • Altair Computer

  • IBM 5100
  1. The approximate dimensions of the Eniac was huge, about 8.5 feet ny 80 feet and taking up 680 square feet.
  2. The significance of ARPnet was  the alterations networking has produced in human practices.
  3. The world wide web was created in 1989 by Timothy Berners-Lee (An english computer scientist.) It was introduced on August 6.1991.
  4. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed the Apple 1. Yes they are still with  Apple.
  5. Apples easter eggs are secret messages.
  6. In ten years i believe computers will be able to do many things for us. My phone can text by me speaking into it.

David Hockney’s work

11 04 2011


David Hockney was born on July 9, 1937 in Bradford, England. . His parents Laura and Kenneth Hockney only wanted  the best education for their children. David Hockney was a  very unique person and never cared what other people thought of him. He attended Bradford Grammar School and enjoyed his art classes making him want to become an artist. Hockney enrolled in the College of Art and become painting. His paintings were abstract and allowed him to deal with love in public, but still showed manner. He graduated with honors then went to the Royal college in London. At the royal college he felt at home. No rules and regulations that he didn’t agree too. There he also began to befriend other gay men. The summer of 1964 Hockney was invited to teach at the University Of Iowa. In December 1964, Hockney went to London to talk on homosexual imagery in America.  Then Hockney fancied a nineteen year old boy and claims he was everything he wanted in a man. Attractive , young, smart, innocent, and in need of some Hockney. Schlesinger moved in with Hockney. After a while the relationship between the too became a little shaky. The age difference was becoming a problem. Hockney decided to travel and when he returned he found Schlesinger moved to Paris and had been having an affair. Hurt yet relieved Hockney moved on with life. Hockney became to do photo collages. He was amazed with the idea of seeing things through a window frame.