David Hockney’s work

11 04 2011


David Hockney was born on July 9, 1937 in Bradford, England. . His parents Laura and Kenneth Hockney only wanted  the best education for their children. David Hockney was a  very unique person and never cared what other people thought of him. He attended Bradford Grammar School and enjoyed his art classes making him want to become an artist. Hockney enrolled in the College of Art and become painting. His paintings were abstract and allowed him to deal with love in public, but still showed manner. He graduated with honors then went to the Royal college in London. At the royal college he felt at home. No rules and regulations that he didn’t agree too. There he also began to befriend other gay men. The summer of 1964 Hockney was invited to teach at the University Of Iowa. In December 1964, Hockney went to London to talk on homosexual imagery in America.  Then Hockney fancied a nineteen year old boy and claims he was everything he wanted in a man. Attractive , young, smart, innocent, and in need of some Hockney. Schlesinger moved in with Hockney. After a while the relationship between the too became a little shaky. The age difference was becoming a problem. Hockney decided to travel and when he returned he found Schlesinger moved to Paris and had been having an affair. Hurt yet relieved Hockney moved on with life. Hockney became to do photo collages. He was amazed with the idea of seeing things through a window frame.




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