23 05 2011


By: Oscar Wilde


By: Ramin Hossaini

Tastes Like Chicken

Tastes like chicken

By: Cayusa

The AIGA is a professional association for design. It advances designing as a professional craft. In the article i read the author of it was basically preparing people that wanted to go into designing for what’s going to happened. He say three main parts. One, “Live in the moment…Ok now you live in this moment.” Two, “You’ll never get anywhere in life going step by step. You have to run people down.” Three, Go out into the world and write about what scares you most, even if its still yourself.”


Logos-assignment 8

29 04 2011

Combination mark

22 04 2011

The History Of The Computer

12 04 2011

  • The Univac computer

  • Thee IBM701

  • The Scelbi mark-8
  • Altair Computer

  • IBM 5100
  1. The approximate dimensions of the Eniac was huge, about 8.5 feet ny 80 feet and taking up 680 square feet.
  2. The significance of ARPnet was  the alterations networking has produced in human practices.
  3. The world wide web was created in 1989 by Timothy Berners-Lee (An english computer scientist.) It was introduced on August 6.1991.
  4. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed the Apple 1. Yes they are still with  Apple.
  5. Apples easter eggs are secret messages.
  6. In ten years i believe computers will be able to do many things for us. My phone can text by me speaking into it.

History Of Photography

31 03 2011

  • Who invented the Daguerreotype process?

Daguerre invented the first Daguerreotype process.

  • Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the process.

It exposed light sensitive metal sheet which created a direct positive image. An image could be made permanent by immersing it in salt. The photographs were very inconvenient .


  • Who invented the Calotype process?

William Fox Talbot invented the Calotype process

  • Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the Calotype?

it exposed light sensitive paper producing a paper negative.

  • Who invented the dry plate process?

Richard Maddox

  • Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the process.

The camera was alot small and has cheaper to make. the customers had to bring the cameras in the shops to the the pictures developed, but the could be a good thing as well as a bad thing.

  • Who is credited with taking the  first photograph of a human?

Nicholas Jackson


  • What is photo emulsion?

Photographic emulsion is a layer of light sensitive material coated onto a substrate.

The Linotype Machine

30 03 2011



Sholes Typewriter

Mergenthalers Linotype


an operator using Linotype

  • Why was the typewriter an important part of our history?

The type writer made it possible for me to be typing right now. Without it everything we have thats typed would be written out.

  • What is typesetting?

typesetting-Arrange or generate the type for (a piece of text to be printed)

  • Why was Linotype the greatest advance in printing since movable type?

Linotype was the greatest advance in printing since movable type because it allowed type to be processed mechanically opposed to being hand written.

  • How does the Linotype keyboard differ from the keyboard we use today?

The Linotype keyboard had separate sections of the keyboard, the blue keys were the punctuation marks, digits, and small capital letters. The white keys were upper case letters and the black keys were the lower case letters. there was no shift key.


Creation of the Phonetic Alphabet

17 03 2011

The Phoenician Alphabet

The Greek Alphabet

The Roman Alphabet

1) The phoenician alphabet was successful because the trading culture of the phoenician merchants spread the use of the alphabet into parts of north africa and europe.

2) The “social structure” of a civilization is somewhat like a social status or social ranking. (lower class, middle class, etc.)

3) The Roman alphabet was most widely used because  it evolved from the Greek Alphabet. The contributions it made were the serifs that was use today, the baseline (where most letters sit.), and the descender (letters that are placed below the baseline.)

4) The phoenician alphabet has different symbols that stand for certain words. The Greek Alphabet letter a couple of them are used in science and math. The Roman Alphabet is just like ours except they have symbols for the letters (multiple symbols).