The History Of The Computer

12 04 2011

  • The Univac computer

  • Thee IBM701

  • The Scelbi mark-8
  • Altair Computer

  • IBM 5100
  1. The approximate dimensions of the Eniac was huge, about 8.5 feet ny 80 feet and taking up 680 square feet.
  2. The significance of ARPnet was  the alterations networking has produced in human practices.
  3. The world wide web was created in 1989 by Timothy Berners-Lee (An english computer scientist.) It was introduced on August 6.1991.
  4. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed the Apple 1. Yes they are still with  Apple.
  5. Apples easter eggs are secret messages.
  6. In ten years i believe computers will be able to do many things for us. My phone can text by me speaking into it.



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