Pirates of Sillicon Valley

15 04 2011

Rating: 4

The movie was basically about how the many different computers and types of computer started and who started them and produced the ideas for the computers. Steve job was a very harsh man that kept apples sales going up throughout the movie, but many people didn’t like his strategy. In my eyes Steve Jobs was somewhat of a hypocrite because he stated that company’s steal from other company’s, but when bill stole his ideas or software he had a problem with it. The people  in this movie had dreams of developing a new computer and selling it for lots of money and  thats what they ended up doing.

The movie was a good movie. It show how everything started and what they had to go through to get things started. Steve jobs was a “donkey” for most of the movie, keeping people up all night to work on his computers and when they had fallen asleep he would shut off their computers and make them start all over. Many people began to hate Steve Jobs. He wasn’t even there for his daughter and wife/girlfriend. Bill gates was like Steve Jobs in that he came up with ideas, but wasn’t as vicious or demanding as Steve Jobs was. Now thinking back at the movie i don’t remember much about the other people. I remember what they looked like, but i dont recall their names. They wanted to fulfill their dream and they did.




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