Creation of the Phonetic Alphabet

17 03 2011

The Phoenician Alphabet

The Greek Alphabet

The Roman Alphabet

1) The phoenician alphabet was successful because the trading culture of the phoenician merchants spread the use of the alphabet into parts of north africa and europe.

2) The “social structure” of a civilization is somewhat like a social status or social ranking. (lower class, middle class, etc.)

3) The Roman alphabet was most widely used because  it evolved from the Greek Alphabet. The contributions it made were the serifs that was use today, the baseline (where most letters sit.), and the descender (letters that are placed below the baseline.)

4) The phoenician alphabet has different symbols that stand for certain words. The Greek Alphabet letter a couple of them are used in science and math. The Roman Alphabet is just like ours except they have symbols for the letters (multiple symbols).





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